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Our Jullington Creek based clinic, Vibrant Life Health Center consistently provides people with care and attention through state-of-the-art technology and premier clinic and rehab amenities. Through constant education, training, and genuine patient service Vibrant Life Health Center presses on to help every person in the Jacksonville area reach their God-given health potential. Vibrant Life Health Center exists to help its patient’s realize and obtain their optimum level of health regardless of the challenges or conditions that are present. Contact us today so that we can help you develop a plan for your health, we offer complimentary consultations to get you started without the burden of cost! We do this through holistic based services that include:

Specific Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic is a proven treatment for many different health conditions and research today in its effectiveness is growing. Research shows that it is the safest form of health care that exists and through its care an individual has improved cognitive (thinking) ability, greater ability to adapt to stress, and improved physical function from improving blood pressure to athletic performance. Our care centers around your nervous systems ability to function and the functional performance of your bodies joints and soft tissue. We focus on restoring and optimizing nervous system function, acute care addressing disc injuries, sciatica, back pain, neck pain, extremities, and much more.

Physical rehabilitation

Many times the pains, aches, and soreness you feel is due to abnormal muscle function, repair, or strengthening. Through the proper assessment imbalances in the function of your body can be simply identified and addressed by both clinical therapies and home therapies. Improved and balanced joint and muscular function is key to a healthy foundation and can lead to the elimination of chronic re-occurring conditions that have existed for years.

Sports Injury & Performance

Are you looking for greater endurance, strength, or ability. Recent research has shown that there are many steps to take that can add to your training and preparation to increase performance on the field, track, or road! We have many different approaches and methods to meet the goals and objectives and are willing to work with your trainers to create a fully balanced development plan. In addition, Dr. Thomas has competed on the professional level and clearly understands what it takes to make a difference!

Functional Medicine

The application of functional medicine is very exciting! At Vibrant Life Health Center we do not guess, we test how an individuals body is performing and by addressing hormonal and neurotransmitter disruptions, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, specific imbalances, and weaknesses many of your chronic and acute health issues can be addressed!


Massage is a widely used therapy that can have great impact on your health. Our services include swedish massage deep tissue massage neuromuscular massage, sports massage, heated bamboo massage ashiatsu (barefoot ) massage and chair massage. Our services are performed in a serene environment where you can truly let go and get the most of this therapeutic service.

Whole Body Vibration

As a therapy this service is shining in its ability to treat a number of challenging health conditions from osteoporosis to acute pain. We have a fully programmable service that can really add to the therapeutic and treatment plan of your health. Research is building on this therapy and we are still discovering the benefits of this technology.

Nutritional Blood Sampling

This service has opened the door to understanding many conditions in the body from digestion to fatigue. With the ability to see exactly how your cellular structure is functioning together we can develop a plan to address physiological and nutritional issues that could only be questions and guesses before.

Essential Oils

This field of therapy is exploding today with its roots deeply in ancient history medicine the effectiveness as a health tool is amazing! Best of all with the technology Vibrant Life Health Center has we can focus all of the therapies on your specific imbalance and weaknesses eliminating the guess work and trial and error! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your approach aimed at the bullseye and not a shot in the dark.


In addition, we have strategic partnerships with thermography services offering a screening device for the purpose of assisting the health practitioner to promote health and prevention of disease by using the physiological warning signs seen by thermography or infrared imaging. Thermography Identifies inflammatory conditions via temperature changes, Identifies fibrocystic tissue disease and tumor inflammation within the body, effectively and safely screens dense breasts and with implants, and is useful for evaluating chest wall size after breast surgery.

Insurances Covered

If you don’t see your carrier here call us! We are always working to add to our partnerships for your health!


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