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The cells in our body are fueled by the food that we eat. If we are consuming poor quality foods all the time, our body will react negatively; from feeling sluggish to having major physical problems.

If we are consuming whole, natural foods, rich in vitamins, our body will show a positive reaction. We may feel more energetic and find that we don?t need to take as many medications (or any at all!).

What are poor quality foods? Anything that is processed is not good for our bodies. Most packaged foods have been highly processed and have numerous ingredients, some of which we can’t even pronounce, let alone understand what it is that we’re putting into our bodies.

What are rich quality foods? Anything that is naturally grown or raised is usually very beneficial to our overall health.

Is this a diet? NO!

This is a SHIFTing of your thoughts about what foods are beneficial to your body and what foods are harmful.

This is a SHIFTing of your eating habits.

For example:Instead of grabbing a fast food burger after you leave your house, you grab a piece of fruit and some nuts before you leave your house because you know that choosing the whole, natural foods will help you gain speed and momentum on the healthy highway of life.

Is this going to be hard if you’re used to picking up freezer meals every night for dinner? Maybe, but over time (if you think positively, see the H in SHIFT) you just may begin to enjoy this new adventure of cooking and eating healthy foods! Maybe it’s time to learn some new recipes! Come into Vibrant Life Health Center, located in Mandarin/St Johns, and we will give you some!


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