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Dr. Thomas and his wife Tracy have been involved with chiropractic and alternative health care for over fifteen years. Throughout that time they have served in many different capacities focused on one main objective, changing health outcomes for everyone they meet. Recently the couple took the greatest step forward by opening Vibrant Life Health Center in the Jullington Creek – Mandarin area of Jacksonville Florida. Vibrant Life Health Center seeks to passionately and sincerely inspire, empower, and heal families, friends, patients, and people within the community they have yet to meet so everyone can achieve complete health in their lives.

The Health Center offers a comprehensive list of services that include:

  • Specific chiropractic services focused on nervous system function and proper biomechanics throughout the body.
  • Acute care addressing disc injuries, sciatica, back pain, neck pain, and extremity dysfunction.
  • Sports injuries and performance enhancement for professional, amateur, and school age athletics.
  • NutriMost accessing, balancing, and clearing hormonal and neurotransmitter disruptions that block fat burning and result in challenging health issues.
  • Massage including Swedish, Neuromuscular, Sports, Bamboo, Chair, Myofascial, Deep Tissue, Cellulite reduction, and Hydro/Aroma massages.
  • Functional Medicine using Biofeedback technology and essential oils for customized health plans to address numerous health challenges

Vibrant Life Health Center is the result of events that occurred in the couple’s life that led to what they call “The end of the road for modern medical care” regarding health challenges Tracy experienced. They came to a point were their General Practitioner, deliverer of their four children, and personal friend told them that there was nothing more the medical model could do and that they would need to seek alternative health care. Not knowing what the term meant led them on a journey, and mission, that not only cured Tracy of her issues and addressed health challenges the children had; but, created a new definition of Health and Wellness.

Health and Wellness is not the absence of pain or sickness, its not taking prescriptions that snowball into more and more prescriptions. Health and Wellness is knowing how well your nervous system is functioning, what goes into your body, and onto your skin. It is choices; making better bad choices, reading labels and ingredients, walking or just moving to the best of your ability. It is making a plan with real measurable outcomes. At Vibrant Life Health Center we come along side you and develop a plan for you to achieve a balanced healthy life. We at Vibrant Life Health Center are here to help you obtain optimum performance so that you feel healthy and have a positive outlook on life. However, this is only going to happen if you are able to SHIFT your mindset and lifestyle in these 5 areas:

  • Skeletal Structure
  • Headspace
  • Intake of Nutrients
  • Functional Fitness
  • Toxic Burden

Skeletal Structure

Our skeletal structure has been intricately designed by the Creator to maintain proper balance of our central nervous system. In order for our bodies to continue to work effectively, our spinal column needs to be in alignment. Think of our spinal column as the protector of our main communication highway for the body: the spinal cord. Our brain is the center of command for our nervous system. It controls all the communication that flows through our spinal cord and nerves, sending that communication throughout the body, telling our body how to heal and function properly. If our spinal column has shifted out of alignment, this creates a blockage in communication within our nerves, which slows or prevents healing to that part of the body.


Are you a “glass is half full” or “glass is half empty” type of person?

At Vibrant Life Health Center we know that the way you think affects your health! If you usually have a negative, pessimistic outlook on life, you will most likely suffer from higher levels of tension and anxiety.

Contrast that with having a positive outlook on life. If you are generally optimistic, your tension goes down and you feel stable. Think of the negatives in life as roadblocks on a highway. Constantly fueling your mind with lies such as, “I’m no good,” “No one loves me,” “I’ll never change,” “Life is horrible,” “I’ll always have to take this medication,” inhibits your ability to successfully maneuver around those roadblocks and reach your full potential. You need to positively SHIFT your thoughts into gear so that you can get beyond the roadblocks and continue driving through to your destination, optimum health and joyfulness in all areas of life.

Intake of Nutrients

The cells in our body are fueled by the food that we eat. If we are consuming poor quality foods all the time, our body will react negatively; from feeling sluggish to having major physical problems.

If we are consuming whole, natural foods, rich in vitamins, our body will show a positive reaction. We may feel more energetic and find that we don’t need to take as many medications (or any at all!).

What are poor quality foods? Anything that is processed is not good for our bodies. Most packaged foods have been highly processed and have numerous ingredients, some of which we can’t even pronounce, let alone understand what it is that we’re putting into our bodies.

What are rich quality foods? Anything that is naturally grown or raised is usually very beneficial to our overall health.

Is this a diet? NO! This is a SHIFTing of your thoughts about what foods are beneficial to your body and what foods are harmful.

This is a SHIFTing of your eating habits.

Functional Fitness

In order to stay healthy, you need to exercise your muscles. Exercising your body increases muscle mass and decreases excess fat. Having unhealthy levels of fat is the cause of many health problems including disease and toxicity. We will help you SHIFT the effectiveness of your current (or non-existent) workout plan to become something that is not only relatively quick, but something that will help you burn fat and get into optimal shape.

Toxic Burden

Our bodies have been designed to naturally remove toxins. However, if we are not carefully avoiding or limiting toxic substances (medicines, processed foods, pesticide-sprayed foods, cleaners, air pollution, etc), our bodies can have an overload of toxins. A toxic body is an unhealthy body. Vibrant Life Health Center is here to help you learn how to detox your system with chiropractic care, natural foods, and exercise. If needed, we will recommend and provide the highest quality supplements to give your body the boost it needs to SHIFT you forward to a healthier, happier you.


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